About Key West Holdings


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Key West Holdings

Headquartered in Bristol, Key West Holdings specialises in the distribution and rental of catering equipment and supplies to the hospitality trade and the development of proprietary product brands for the hospitality market. Its subsidiaries include Nisbets Plc, one of the world’s largest multi-channel retailers of catering suppliers and equipment and Jongor, the UK’s leading catering equipment hire company.

Key West Holdings traces its history back to the founding of Nisbets Plc in 1983, which started out selling knives, catering clothing and textbooks to catering colleges. The business has grown organically and through acquisition. Key West Holdings also invests in commercial property.

A family business

Founded, built and grown in Bristol, Key West Holdings is a family business.

Through the profits generated from its management of holdings in Nisbets, Jongor and commercial property, Key West Holdings contributes funds to the family charitable trust, The Nisbet Trust. The Trust distributes funds to charitable causes in the Greater Bristol area.

The directors of Key West Holdings are passionate about philanthropy, social good and local community causes.

The directors of the business are Andrew Nisbet, Anne Nisbet, Joe Nisbet and Rose Nisbet.


  • Key West Holdings and its subsidiaries employs more than 2,000 people
  • Through its subsidiaries, Key West Holdings has offices in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand
  • Key West Holdings exports to more than 100 countries
  • Nisbets was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade in 2017
  • Nisbets is one of The Sunday Times’ Top Track 250 fastest growing companies
  • Mitre Linen, which is owned by Nisbets, holds a Royal Warrant for supplying furnishing fabrics and bedding to the royal household